Time Guardian

The Time Guardian (1987)

Despite a concept of a time-traveling city and Carrie Fisher’s involvement, "The Time Guardian" disappoints with a lackluster plot, underdeveloped villains, and unconvincing effects. Fisher rehashes her Leia persona, while Nikki Coghill stands out in an otherwise uninspired cast. Intended as a franchise starter, the film instead became a forgettable Aussie sci-fi endeavor.

Dominion (1995)

Dominion felt like a cheap knock off of Shoot to Kill (or Deadly Pursuit) with Brad Johnston fitting in as he really does cut a Tom Berenger-lite look. But is this a load of old nonsense?

Royce (1994)

Royce is not as serious a movie as it could have been and this is why it works so well. Jim brings a huge amount of colour to the character, quipping at every opportunity - some of them are even funny!
Solar Crisis

Solar Crisis (1990)

Solar Crisis has become vastly more interesting over the years. Tim Matheson, Charlton Heston, Jack Palance and Peter Boyle star in this sci-fi adventure with ... umm... effects and music.