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  • Projector Room 160 “Pearl’s Road House”
    Allan, Ted and I are here again with another roundup of all things film, cinema and TV. This time we gorge on Gary Oldman’s opulence, try to solve the 3 Body Problem, flip and flop on The Wages of Fear trilogy, Maxxx out on a couple of X-rated Pearls, roundhouse the Road House and even have time for some frozen Ghostbusting!

A bi-weekly chin wag with Ted SalmonSteve LitchfieldAllan Gildea and myself about the wonderful world of movies.

Exploring our recent watches, the crew traipse through what is good and bad, remember those we have lost and gaze in excitement at what is coming soon.

Linked with the colourful community over on MeWe the Projector Room Podcast is a simple, entertaining listen for all ages. 

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