Raw Justice (1994)

Raw Justice

Raw Justice is a simple, direct-to-video flick that is a product of its time, featuring an exceptional cast of B-Movie greats, constant action and a peppering of nudity.  Directed by the late David A. Prior this movie is also known as Good Cop Bad Cop, a title that perplexes me as there is only one … Read moreRaw Justice (1994)

Stand Alone (1985)

Stand Alone

Stand Alone from 1985 is the great Charles Durning doing Rambo, Walking Tall and Death Wish. Sounds dark, violent and crazy… well…

Stacey (1973)

Stacey is a fun little movie and it pains me that it is considered lost. A VHS quality copy can be found on the Internet Archive and a welcome preservation, however, at this moment in time it is safe to say a good looking Blu-Ray is off the cards unfortunately. I honestly did not expect … Read moreStacey (1973)

The Tough Ones (1976)

Tough Ones

The Tough Ones is one of the best known Italian “Poliziotteschi” thrillers and for good reason. Prepare yourself for a gushy blast of love from a fan