Projector Room #108 “Glasshouse Meat Grinder!” 24/03/2022


Ted, Allan and Gareth are back for another Projector Room Podcast take a look at 13 Minutes and top Austrailian fillms. Reviews include The Glasshouse, Against the Ice, The Great Raid, Meat Grinder and The Adam Project. Download Projector Room #108 (“Glasshouse Meat Grinder!”, 24/03/2022) manually (Size: 24MB, 100 minutes duration).  Projector Room Show NotesShow 108Ted Salmon, Gareth Myles and Allan Gildea Projector … Read moreProjector Room #108 “Glasshouse Meat Grinder!” 24/03/2022

#Podcast – Projector Room #107 “Encanto Mist!” 24/02/2022

Ted Salmon, Gareth Myles and Allan Gildea are back again with another look at film, cinema and TV. Lots of goodies as usual from us and you including our look at movies featuring Tokyo, Frank Darabont and Stephen King feature The Mist, booing Boba Fett, the not so video nasty Don’t Go In The House, … Read more#Podcast – Projector Room #107 “Encanto Mist!” 24/02/2022

Projector Room #106 “Reacher/Android!”, 10/02/2022

Allan, Ted and Gareth get to grips with Reacher, frown at Mother/Android, sit on The Ledge, hitting monkeys and dragons and see whats iconic about L.A. Download Projector Room #106 (“Reacher/Android!”, 10/02/2022) manually (Size: 17MB, 80 minutes duration).  Projector Room Show NotesShow 106Ted Salmon, Gareth Myles and Allan Gildea Projector Room CommunityProjector Room Group at MeWe Contributions and FeedbackGareth Williams on Munich: … Read moreProjector Room #106 “Reacher/Android!”, 10/02/2022

Projector Room #105 Star Wars Below! 27/01/2022 

Boba Fett

Gareth, Ted and Allan meet up to discuss the the new Star Wars TV show The Book of Boba Fett, Netflix’s wartime drama The War Below, subterranean thriller Superdeep, crime thriller Motherless Brooklyn and films featuring the city of Mumbai. Download Projector Room #105 (“Star Wars Below!”, 27/01/2022) manually (Size: 39MB, 100 minutes duration).  Projector Room Show NotesShow … Read moreProjector Room #105 Star Wars Below! 27/01/2022 

Projector Room #104 “Silent Afterlife!” 13/01/2022

Allan Gildea, Ted Salmon and I are back again this fortnight with a delve into what we, and you, have been consuming in film, cinema and TV. Loads of goodies as usual including Parisian Treats, a trip to the moon, busting ghosts in the Afterlife and New Blood from old ideas – all from the … Read moreProjector Room #104 “Silent Afterlife!” 13/01/2022

The Best of 2021! Projector Room Podcast #103 30/12/2021

It’s that time of the year, Projector Room dudes decide on the Best of 2021! Ted Salmon, Allan Gildea and I also discuss movies with parasites, The Chair on Netflix, The Batman, The Northman, Spiderman and Cowboy Bebop …man – do join us! Download Projector Room #103 (“The Best of 2021!”, 30/12/2021) manually (Size: 34MB, 86 minutes … Read moreThe Best of 2021! Projector Room Podcast #103 30/12/2021

The Power of the Meg! – Projector Room Podcast #102

Allan, Ted and Gareth are back! We ask what is a Christmas Movie, look at The Power of the Dog, Unforgivable, Queenpins, No Time to Die and and look at Shark Movies. Download Projector Room #102 (“The Power of the Meg!”, 16/12/2021) manually (Size: 32MB, 100 minutes duration). Projector Room Show NotesShow 101Ted Salmon, Gareth Myles and Allan Gildea Projector Room … Read moreThe Power of the Meg! – Projector Room Podcast #102

Podcast: Projector Room #101 “Grizzly Django!” 02/12/2021

It’s a case of after the Lord Mayor’s Show I guess as we start the climb to 200 😂 …join Gareth Myles Allan Gildea and Ted Salmon as we start the ascent, taking in films about/featuring Bears and mascara! Corbucci’s Django gets thoroughly analysed and we’re certainly Open 24 Hours but it’s No Time to Die inside 21 Bridges! … Read morePodcast: Projector Room #101 “Grizzly Django!” 02/12/2021