Projector Room Podcast 118 “Stalked Prey” 10/08/2022


Do join us once again for another look at what we’ve been watching in film, cinema and TV in the last fortnight. Gareth Myles, Allan Gildea and Ted Salmon Keep Breathing as we fend off Prey, find A Perfect Getaway in Hawaii, Target 1883 and loads more! Download Projector Room #118 (“Stalked Prey”, 10/08/2022) manually (Size: 31MB, … Read moreProjector Room Podcast 118 “Stalked Prey” 10/08/2022

Projector Room #116 “The Swiss Staircase” 14/07/2022


Ted Salmon, Allan Gildea and Gareth Myles are back again with their fortnightly look at all things film, cinema and TV. This time we take on The Boys vs Man vs Bees, Miserably walk out of the cinema and discuss The Details on The Staircase. Loads more of course and a good natter too! Download … Read moreProjector Room #116 “The Swiss Staircase” 14/07/2022

Projector Room #115 “Off Season Ottoman!” 29/06/2022

Off Season

The movie mashers are back for another fortnightly roundup, so why not join Gareth Myles, Allan Gildea and Ted Salmon for 90 minutes. We visit Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Uncharted, grab some loot in Korea with Money Heist, suffer a freaky island retreat in Off Season and take a trek through The Phillipines end … Read moreProjector Room #115 “Off Season Ottoman!” 29/06/2022

Projector Room #112 “Pentaverate Ambulance!” 19/05/2022


Ted, Gareth and Allan are checking out Pentaverate, The Lost City, Soylent Green, In the Earth, Ambulance, See for Me and films set in Jamaica! Download Projector Room #112 (“Pentaverate Ambulance!”, 19/05/2022) manually (Size: 20MB, 109 minutes duration).  Projector Room Show NotesShow 112Ted Salmon, Gareth Myles and Allan Gildea Projector Room CommunityProjector Room Group at MeWe Contributions and FeedbackIrfan Ali on Moon … Read moreProjector Room #112 “Pentaverate Ambulance!” 19/05/2022

Projector Room #108 “Glasshouse Meat Grinder!” 24/03/2022


Ted, Allan and Gareth are back for another Projector Room Podcast take a look at 13 Minutes and top Austrailian fillms. Reviews include The Glasshouse, Against the Ice, The Great Raid, Meat Grinder and The Adam Project. Download Projector Room #108 (“Glasshouse Meat Grinder!”, 24/03/2022) manually (Size: 24MB, 100 minutes duration).  Projector Room Show NotesShow 108Ted Salmon, Gareth Myles and Allan Gildea Projector … Read moreProjector Room #108 “Glasshouse Meat Grinder!” 24/03/2022