Violent Rome

Violent Rome (1975)

"Violent Rome" catapulted Maurizio Merli to stardom as Commissioner Betti, a cop-cum-vigilante. Directed by Marino Girolami, this action-packed film blends thrilling police drama with vengeance, marked by a standout car chase and brutal realism.

Tech Addicts Podcast – Sunday 3rd March – A Wooden Satellite

Gareth Myles and Ted Salmon host a technology podcast with varied content including tips on decrypting Audible books with Libation, concerns about Voyager 1's failing communications, and latest tech news covering from wooden satellites and mass-produced 1TB microSD cards to affordable smartphones and innovative wearables. They also discuss notable discounts on tech products and ways to contact the show.
Deadly Impact

Deadly Impact (1984)

"Deadly Impact," an action film mirroring "48 Hours," features Bo Svenson as a tough cop dishing out justice alongside Fred Williamson. Directed by Fabrizio De Angelis, the movie boasts impressive stunts and action sequences, though hindered by everything else it's a heart-filled tribute to action movies of its era.
Time Runner

Time Runner (1993)

Mark Hamill stars in "Time Runner," a subpar time travel film that mixes clever concepts with a confusing plot and inconsistent pacing. Despite a strong opening, its focus on action over coherent storytelling and underutilized ideas results in a routine sci-fi chase lacking depth.

Tech Addicts Podcast – 18 Feb 2024 – Publisher Perished

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Time Guardian

The Time Guardian (1987)

Despite a concept of a time-traveling city and Carrie Fisher’s involvement, "The Time Guardian" disappoints with a lackluster plot, underdeveloped villains, and unconvincing effects. Fisher rehashes her Leia persona, while Nikki Coghill stands out in an otherwise uninspired cast. Intended as a franchise starter, the film instead became a forgettable Aussie sci-fi endeavor.