StudioCanal to deliver The Conversation on 4K UHD and then some!!

StudioCanal to deliver The Conversation on 4K UHD and then some!!

One of the finest and well crafted thrillers is coming to 4K UHD on 15th July 2024 and in a pretty superb collectors edition. Studiocanal, one of the most reliable boutique Blu Ray producers out there, are in putting this together and I anticipate this might be one of the best discs of the year.

The Conversation 4K Ultra HD Collectors Edition

Brand new artwork by Laurent Durieux. 2- disc Collector’s edition. Rigid box packaging with magnetic closing. 64-page booklet with 4 new essays. Original soundtrack cassette tape. Orignal and new posters.


Q&A with Walter Murch, filmed at Curzon Soho, 2017. Behind the Scenes Stills Gallery. 50th Anniversary trailer. Feature commentary with writer/director Francis Ford Coppola. Feature Commentary with Editor Walter Murch Close-up on ‘The Conversation’. Coppola dictates script- Opening Sequence- The Life of Harry Caul- The Convention- Introduction to Frank Lovista- Jack Tar Hotel- Police Station Ending. Harrison Ford screen test. Composer David Shire interviewed by Francis Ford Coppola. Interview with Gene Hackman (1973). Harry Caul’s San Francisco: Locations Then & Now. No Cigar (1956 short, Francis Ford Coppola). Theatrical Trailer


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