Magicland Dizzy remastered

Magicland Dizzy

Fallout 4, Tomb Raider and System Shock are all getting lovely remasters, but what about the classic that came before? It would seem that an eager fan has gone back an visited a classic Dizzy game and tidied it up a good bit.

Magicland Dizzy is the fourth Dizzy adventure game, and the one I spent most time with as a kid. Sadly, this “2024 Classic Edition” is only on Spectrum at the moment but from the list below there looks to be a lot of work carried out, enough to make it the version to play.

Included in v1.0 are various tweaks, major bug fixes, added music track and an “Added Easter egg, aswell as something else”.

Improvements and fixes:

  • The texts and the locations data were optimized and repacked.
  • The location render procedure works several times faster than before.
  • Two levels of attribute brightness were added. Besides that, the support of hidden hard surfaces and hidden transparent surfaces was added to the engine.
  • Small leaves clumps and other tree details were redrawn in order to avoid attribute clash and other artefacts. Various small graphics improvements were made.
  • A nice-looking fire animation from Dizzy 6 was added.
  • It is not possible anymore to drop an item at the very bottom of the screen, below the bottom character cells row.
  • The torch cannot break the ceiling of a location anymore. In particular, it is not possible to jump out of the central tower using this trick.
  • A matter of collision with dangerous objects when changing locations was fixed.
  • The location with the swamp ghosts is rendered faster.
  • The cloud animation sequence was fixed, so it does not corrupt characters or objects.
  • The animation of the appearance of Dora and the genie was fixed. Previously the first frame of the sequence was a green diamond.
  • The animation of the torches at the beginning of the game was fixed, it starts along with the appearance of Dizzy, not after.
  • The handle stays attached to the well after being used.
  • It is not possible anymore to accidentally open the inventory while in the air.
  • Dizzy will not get stuck in the spikes after walking in them and changing locations.
  • The synchronisation and the uniformity of the fireworks at the final of the game were fixed. Also, the fireworks are rendered in an endless loop, with an option to be interrupted by a key press.
  • The diamond behind the troll shines, like everywhere else.
  • The clouds at the location with the harpy appear exactly under Dizzy, just as it was intended by the authors of the game.
  • In order to be clearly seen, the genie appears at the same designated place at the location with Dozy.
  • It is not possible anymore to drop an item at the other end of the screen exploiting a bug.
  • The harpy returns to its nest.
  • The AY player was fixed and optimized.
  • An alternative AY music was added (by bfox). A music track can be selected by pressing “M”.
  • The game was translated into Russian.
  • An Easter egg was added, aswell as something else.



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