So long Sir Michael! Could Michael Caine retire?

So long Sir Michael! Could Michael Caine retire?

There is word that Sir Michael Caine is retiring from acting after 60+ years in the business, over 140 films. Some classics, some stinkers.

Whats my pick for best and worst? Easy…

Michael Caine

Best has to be The Man Who Would Be King – Stunning epic with the ultimate star pairing! Both Michael Caine and Sean Connery under the direction of John Huston with a rich story, lavish production value and incredible action on screen. Worth revisiting every couple of years as a reminder of why epics were called epics. It’s only £5 on Amazon in HD.

Michael Caine

Worst is Bullseye! – This is a proper travesty and such a wasted opportunity. Even as a kid watching this I spotted how bad it was and I loved Smokey and The Bandit Part II, go figure! Michael Caine and Roger Moore are fantastic comedy actors and their chemistry off screen is unsurpassed. It’s amazing how this film managed to miss it! A mess at every turn.

At the time of writing there are conflicting reports , however, we have such a phenomenal career to look back at. Sir Michael has so much to celebrate. Live long and rest easy Sir Michael, thank you for everything you have done. Aside from Bullseye! And maybe Beyond the Poseidon Adventure… and Jaws 4… nah, it’s still worth a giggle.

It’s worth noting that Caine now describes himself as an author, as oppose to an actor and has penned several over the years.


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