Alien 2: On Earth (1980)

Alien 2: On Earth 

The naming of Alien 2: On Earth (or Sulla Terra in Italian) is obvious from a marketing point of view. A brazen attempt to pull in viewers to see this excessively cheap, subterranean rubbish.

So long Sir Michael! Could Michael Caine retire?

There is word that Sir Michael Caine is retiring from acting after 60+ years in the business, over 140 films. Some classics, some stinkers. Whats my pick for best and worst? Easy… Best has to be The Man Who Would Be King – Stunning epic with the ultimate star pairing! Both Michael Caine and Sean Connery under … Read moreSo long Sir Michael! Could Michael Caine retire?

Speed Zone! aka Cannonball Fever aka Cannonball Run III

Speed Zone

Speed Zone! is given a hard time by critics, certainly a lot doesn’t work, but there is a decent amount that does.