Projector Room 160 “Pearl’s Road House”

Road House

Allan, Ted and I are here again with another roundup of all things film, cinema and TV. This time we gorge on Gary Oldman’s opulence, try to solve the 3 Body Problem, flip and flop on The Wages of Fear trilogy, Maxxx out on a couple of X-rated Pearls, roundhouse the Road House and even have time for some frozen Ghostbusting!

Projector Room Podcast 150 “The Killer Fingernails” 16/11/2023

The Killer

Gareth Myles, Ted Salmon and Allan Gildea are here again to bring you our thoughts on what we, and you, have been watching in film, cinema and TV. We focus on the work of David Thewlis, go Divorcing Jack, take a Sly look at Dead Snow and loads more. So Get Out and about with … Read moreProjector Room Podcast 150 “The Killer Fingernails” 16/11/2023