Tech Addicts Podcast – Sunday 17th March – To be sure, to be sure

To be sure

Gareth Myles and Ted Salmon host a St. Patrick’s Day Tech Addicts podcast discussing Voyager 1’s latest “poke” from NASA and its minimal computer capacity. They talk about LocalSend, a cross-platform file-sharing tool, and consider diving into Linux. The episode also covers a range of tech topics from Samsung’s new phones, a potential TikTok ban, to the latest in wearables and AI advancements. They end with bargain tech deals and contact information for the show.

Tech Addicts Podcast – 10 Dec – The Podcast Before … Xmas


Gareth and Ted get together for a *festive* epic as they chat about The Day Before, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, ChatGPT, Windows 10 support, Duracell Battery, Logitech Astro, Yamaha CD-C603, Rotor R550X, Murena 2, vivo Y100i, final UX3000 and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Now on YouTube With Gareth Myles and Ted SalmonJoin us … Read moreTech Addicts Podcast – 10 Dec – The Podcast Before … Xmas