Off Season

Projector Room #115 “Off Season Ottoman!” 29/06/2022

The movie mashers are back for another fortnightly roundup, so why not join Gareth Myles, Allan Gildea and Ted Salmon for 90 minutes. We visit Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Uncharted, grab some loot in Korea with Money Heist, suffer a freaky island retreat in Off Season and take a trek through The Phillipines end up in at an Impasse on a Great Raid in Manila. Plenty of True Things, but no sharks, only Piranha Women!

Download Projector Room #115 (“Off Season Ottoman!”, 29/06/2022) manually (Size: 24MB, 93 minutes duration). 

Projector Room Show Notes
Show 115

Ted SalmonGareth Myles and Allan Gildea

Projector Room Community
Projector Room Group at MeWe

Contributions and Feedback
Space Probe on Night Sky (2022)

Irfan Ali on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022)

Phil Harding on Hostiles (2017)

Chad Dixon on Wanted (2016 – 2018)

Space Probe on Uncharted (2022)

Flop of the Fortnight
Soylent Green (1973)

Private Screening
Ted: Money Heist: Korea � Joint Economic Area (2022)

Next Show: Man vs. Bee

Themed Treats (The Philippines)
Impasse (1969)

Metro Manila (2013) – Ted’s Review

The Great Raid (2005) – Trailer

The Battle of Manilla (1945) US Army Film

The Main Feature
Off Season (2021)

Rise of Empires: Ottoman (2020) – Trailer

True Things (2021) – Ted’s Review

Finch (2021) – Ted’s Review

The Reef (2010)

Coming Soon
Prizefighter (2022) – Trailer

Barbarian (2022) – Trailer

They/Them (2022) – Trailer 

Piranha Women (2022)

Blonde (2022) – Trailer

Final Curtain
Jean-Louis Trintignant

Cuneyt Arkin

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