#Podcast – Projector Room #107 “Encanto Mist!” 24/02/2022


Ted Salmon, Gareth Myles and Allan Gildea are back again with another look at film, cinema and TV. Lots of goodies as usual from us and you including our look at movies featuring Tokyo, Frank Darabont and Stephen King feature The Mist, booing Boba Fett, the not so video nasty Don’t Go In The House, engaging Encanto the other type of vampire movies and the inauguration of the Ana de Armas Fan Club!

Download Projector Room #107 (“Encanto Mist!”, 24/02/2022)¬†manually¬†(Size: 23MB, 100 minutes duration).¬†

Projector Room Show Notes
Show 107

Ted SalmonGareth Myles and Allan Gildea

Projector Room Community
Projector Room Group at MeWe

Contributions and Feedback
Mark Wilkinson on The Art of Self-Defense

Irfan Ali on Peacemaker (2022)

Kah Leong Ow on All of Us are Dead

Irfan Ali on The King’s Man (2021)

Flop of the Fortnight

The Book of Boba Fett

Private Screening
The Mist (2007)

Next Show: 13 Minutes (2021) – Trailer (Netflix)

Themed Treats (Tokyo)

Lost in Translation (2003) – Trailer

Wasabi (2001)

Shoplifters (2018) – Ted’s Review

Mark Wilkinson on Tampopo (1985)


The Main Feature

I Want You Back (2022)

No Way Out (aka: Tony Arzenta or Big Guns) (1973)

Don’t Go in the House (1979)

Encanto – Trailer (Disney 2021)

Let the Right One In (2008) – Ted’s Review

Let Me In (2010)

Coming Soon
The Adam Project (2022) – Trailer

Windfall (2022) – Trailer

The Contractor (2022) – Trailer

Deep Water – Trailer

Against the Ice – Trailer

Final Curtain
Ivan Reitman

Jack Smethurst

Anna Karen

Links of Interest

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