Lethal Love Triangle

Lethal Love Triangle – Giants in their own right

I do love some dodgy poster art. New art for flick Lethal Love Triangle (2021) proves to have some splendidly mismatched scaling. There certainly seems to be some unfolding drama between the three appealing leads, not to mention some risky clothing on Savvy Shay, who seems a little overdressed for such a drab day.

However, it’s the… Vauxhaul Belmont(?) that defies a the logic here. Is it small or is the cast portraying Nephilim? Perhaps this is a new spin off movie from Land of the Giants? You can hear the voice-over in the trailer

“In a world… of giants… but not huge giants… just giants, big enough to be a little inconvenient for things we do and have already established… comes a bold new film about three of these giants, a Vauxhaul Belmont and a chance of rain…”

Early word is that Lethal Love Triangle is quite good so I’ll go easy on it. However, I might give it a watch to see if there is an exciting chase sequence with characters struggling inside tiny cars.

Lethal Love Triangle

This is the actual plot synopsis:

Two students become engrossed with their handsome research subject until his true nature puts them in harm’s way.

I’ll maybe let my wife watch it and I’ll find a cop movie somewhere else. Something with James Woods and Randi Brooks…

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