Bruce Willis now starring in film he isn’t in

It’s hard to believe that Bruce Willis can fairly receive credit above other leading actors, who are starring in an entire movie, for the 10-15 minutes screen time he might occupy. But that’s Hollywood. It would appear that ol’ Bruno is now taking the recent level of effort he invests in acting in a film to a whole new level.

Bruce Willis has given permission for Deepfake technology to be used in a Russian Mobile advert. This is technology that allows another actor to wear a computer generated face mask resembling another person.

Slashfilm have sourced an interview with MegaFon explaining the new ad campaign and Willis’ agreement:

All negotiations with Bruce Willis were conducted by our team. It was a very risky idea, but surprisingly, the discussion on collaboration was quick and productive. We told Bruce about MegaFon and the idea of the project. The actor was interested in the brand and our approach to organizing production.

On the one hand the technology is impressive and of late has been used to generate some pretty funny online gags. On the other, more serious hand, the technology is getting scarily realistic and will ultimate make you question what you see online. Thankfully, right now it’s still a little rough around the edges, however, 5 years from now might be a different story.

I guess if someone were to ask you if they can pay you a large chunk of change for doing no work at all and the project isn’t dubious, then would you refuse?

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