Trump stinks up the Razzies’ worst-film nominations.

It would appear that the Razzies are wanting to make a political statement. Forever the outfit to jump on a band wagon the Razzies is the opposite of the Oscars, handing out awards for poor performances in films.

Over the last number of years there has been increasing speculation that the Razzies do not take into account much of a films accolades, instead picking films that have maybe performed poorly at the box office, Heavens Gate and The Thing, or others that they simply just do not understand, Shelley Duvall in The Shining. The most bonkers for me is Kevin Coster as Wyatt Earp.

This year the Razzies add to this with their nomination of Donald Trump. Trump was the subject of two documentaries, Death of a Nation and Fahrenheit 11/9, one pro Trump, the other Anti Trump. The very fact Trump is on the list at all is obvious Anti-Trump statement and is not welcome.

Also in the list is Winchester and Robin Hood, two films that had mixed reviewed with both critics and audience yet didn’t bust any blocks at the Box Office.

The Guardian: Trump stinks up the Razzies’ worst-film nominations.