The perils of Ultraviolet.

The perils of Ultraviolet. Maybe Google Play can save the day!

I have taken time this Xmas to plunder my collection and redeem my Digital copies of movies as there are a couple of movies that have an end of 2018 expiration date. I just don’t fancy loosing the opportunity of having them, even if Ultraviolet is a bit of a farce.

Flixster Video is the only real provider allowing you to stream Ultraviolet movies and it’s app is on most of the standard platforms, Android TV, Apple and Fire. Roku does not have a service capable of playing the Ultraviolet library as Sainbury’s and TalkTalk have shut down their services. It’s only a matter of time before Flixster Video disappears rendering an Ultraviolet library somewhat useless.

My copy of L.A. Confidential looked like a candidate for Ultraviolet, however, there is nothing printed to say the name Ultraviolet. When I redeemed the code at Fox’s website, the only option it gave me was Google Play. The set up looked as if there would be other options of where you would like you digital copy to be made available, perhaps if you were registering it in the US.

This is a welcome change, however, it is of no use to the dozens of movies I have in the Ultraviolet library and I have a feeling that they will be lost in the years to come. For now the idea of Google Play as a place to redeem is handy to me, not so much for someone wanting it on iTunes.

Maybe one day we will get around this DRM chaos but not before I can transfer my library somewhere useful, specifically in the one place.

Update – I have just noticed that some of the digital movies I have registered (Mission Impossible 1-5) are not available in my region on Flixster Video despite the Blu Ray being a UK purchase. Another pain in the ass!