The Meg (2018)

This does exactly what it says on the tin. I cannot imagine anyone going into this movie expecting a beautifully sculpted shark thriller like Jaws. However, The Meg easily floats onto the screen, has fun with it’s ideas and drifts off again. It does not sink and certainly does no glint in the light.

One of the most interesting elements is that the entire cast is likeable, a bit like season 4 of a long running, much loved TV show, you feel some real chemistry between them. They seem to all be happily into the film’s energy and want it to succeed at having a good time. There are a few cliches that you think you can smell from a distance, however, it takes these a turns them around. I guess this is something John Turteltaub has a particular talent at doing.

The film actually echoes Jaws in it’s structure. Plot points happen in a similar order to the Jaws but in a bigger, more modern, multiplex friendly kind of way. This is a three star movie and there is no getting away from that, but it’s a better three star movie than most, I could never give this four stars.

There is Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, The Shallows and this. Shark movies done right.