The Guilty (2018)

One the most recent Projector Room Podcast we discuss the idea of the minimalist thriller, a one man show movie, Locke and Solis were two strong examples. Last night I was treated to a screening of a Danish thriller titled “The Guilty” that takes it up notch.

Some years ago Halle Berry made a little flick titled “The Call” about an Emergency Services Call Centre operator becoming embroiled in a kidnapping gone wrong. The first half followed Berry around the centre dealing with the call before jumping into her vehicle and taking things into her own hands.

The Guilty stays in the call centre for the duration following Jakob Cedergren as an alarm dispatcher attempting to help a girl in trouble. What follows is an quietly brewing emotion explosion of drama in real time.

Tightly plotted and betraying so many of the movie conventions we take for granted, The Guilty is a magnificent thriller with a stunning performance from Cedergren. One look into his eyes lays out a wealth of emotion and horror.

I fully recommend this if you get a chance. Hopefully it will come to streaming services quickly.