The Change-Up (2011)

I like Jason Bateman, I’m warming to Ryan Reynolds and it has nothing to do with Deadpool. Having both in the one movie and spending an abundance of time messing around with each other sounds idea.

Two best friends who lead very different lives switch places in an incredible flimsy setup for some “mayhem.” The following two hours are somewhat frustrating and stupid. I kept watching for three reasons, Bateman’s charm, Olivia Wilde (sadly limited) and I was not in charge of the remote control.

The film makes no apologies about its set up and if the film had been funny then I would have easily forgiven it. However, there is a complete lack of humour throughout the film unless nasty remarks and crude objectification is funny.

The writing is simply terrible. The film makes no effort to be clever, instead of using each scene to milk the “comedy” out of the situation. but the end we are given a moral turn (that feels totally alien) and it’s rammed down the throat of the audience and everyone lives happily ever after.

This was a painful experience from start to finish and I’m surprised that the cast was here for it, Bateman is normally a good judge of comedy projects. Reynolds seems to work in this as, aside from Waiting and Buried, his early career was pretty awful, but someone, somewhere wanted him to be a thing.

This one to avoid and I would say Face/Off is along the same lines… and funnier.