Making a Murderer Season 2

Halfway through this long winded and meandering series. Whilst the first season is an interesting tale of possible innocence and corruption, the second seems to turn it into a bit of a circus. I have still a number of episodes to go but cannot help but notice the happenings on Twitter. Rallying and protesting seems to be the reaction to the climax yet there is still an argument that the public are not being treated to the whole story.

I feel this show is actually an experiment that may see a new direction for television. The power of the binge watch giving way to a brain wash. The audience is divided, somewhat heavily to the Innocent side  and it’s easy to see why given the picture the show paints. Yet, there is still speculation that all is not what it seems.

Rumour suggests that the makers of the show have ignored evidence and testimonies. With the larger portion of the audience believing the two convicts are innocent, purely on the content of the show, the could  well be a social experiment proving that a highly profile TV show can tell any story and convince an audience of whatever the writer wants.

I shall continue and report my thoughts on The Projector Room in a future episode.