Cyborg Nemesis is happening!

This just in… prepare yourselves…

The 80’s and 90’s had two a (somewhat) reliable sci-fi franchises in the local video store. Cyborg and Nemesis.

Cyborg started life as a sequel to The Masters of the Universe and a Spider-man movie before Cannon went under and the assets of the two productions were salvaged and Cyborg was built by Albert Pyun. Pulling in a young Jean Claude Van Damme, it became a hit and turned in 2 fairly decent sequels, the second with Angelina Jolie and the third (my particular favourite) with Malcolm McDowell.

Nemesis was a Terminator rip off with Tim Thomerson and Oliver Gruner that successfully rode the wave that folks craved following Terminators Box Office smashing. 3 sequels came quickly and it played with the timeline and concept a lot over the movies. I still have yet to see the third movie in the series, however, one day this dream will be realised.

Why am I reporting this to you? Well, it would appear that Nemesis 5 has slipped out AND there is a pre-production indication that Albert Pyun is going to take both franchises and smash them together in the, cleverly titled, Cyborg Nemesis, due out next year.

I know, I know, try contain yourself! I have not been this excited since they announce a sequel to Moontrap (not starring Walter Koenig and Bruce Campbell) and Steve Guttenberg championed Police Academy 8 on a live talk show.

We need not worry about Brexit, Russian assassins or crazy folk with Nuclear codes, Cyborg Nemesis is happening!