Bowden in Aussie killer shark movie

The stunning Katrina Bowden, known for Tucker and Dale and 30 Rock is currently shooting a pic in Queensland about a killer shark.

This survival thriller, co-starring Aaron Jakubenko, hails from tyro feature director Martin Wilson and the producing team behind the upcoming Black Water : Abyss, Michael Robertson and Neal Kingston.

Michael Boughen’s script sees five people who are stranded on a seaplane far from shore. They now have two choices – die of starvation or slip through some shark-infested waters back to land. I’m guessing the latter will be their choice as the movie is called Great White, not We Starved to Death in a Crashed Plane.

Katrina Bowden as a lot of experience being in the water. Just in case you aren’t aware of this, allow me to help:

Additionally, Katrina has experience at running, however, as this movie is set in out at sea, I cannot imagine she needs to run a lot. However, here are some images of her prepared for running:

See? Prepared for everything.