Beverly Hills Cop 4 going straight to TV!

Eddie Murphy seems to be happy with what Netflix is doing. Obviously Dolemite is My Name has given his career more momentum, but I’m guessing it more to do with seeing Adman Sandler having continual work. Happy enough to let Netflix take the helm of Beverly Hills Cop 4. When you think about it, Netflix is the perfect place for the sequel to do well.

If a sequel were to launch with a cinema run there it would be less likely to have an impressive opening weekend judging by the performance of the sequels that have already hit. Netflix will role in new writers, however, Jerry Bruckheimer will return to produce.

Additionally, Netflix are laying good money down for the rights to the franchise so I would imagine they will be looking to do more than just one movie.

“Yeah that’s what we’re doing after Coming to America 2. We’re doing Beverly Hills Cop and then the plan is to get back on stage and do standup. That’s what I’ll be doing mostly is standup. These movies and Saturday Night Live it’s kind of like…I’m looking at it as a bookend. If I decided I wanted to stay on the couch forever, I ended it on a funny note.”

Some years ago I remember a sequel rumbling in which Foley returned to Beverly Hills to investigate the murder of his buddy from the first three films Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold). The backlash of this was severe as Billy is easily one of the most iconic staples of the franchise. The idea of a Cop movie without Billy is like Rocky with no boxing.

The original Beverly Hills Cop was not an action extravaganza, however, the sequels raised the action content lowering the comedic content. Netflix are very well suited to making a low action, high comedy buddy movie and have proved a number of times that this formula works on their platform. I would love to see Netflix get into the business of resurrecting older film franchises for the parents who might not be able to hit the cinemas but fancy some nostalgia on a Thursday night.

Let’s hope with Netflix grabbing the license for Cop will see this surface…